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About Yonatan Ben Shimon and YBS Capital


YBS Capital was founded by Yonatan Ben Shimon in 2020. Our mission is to promote awareness and adoption of community-focused business models among companies, projects, and individuals. We believe that there is a vast amount of untapped social capital in the world, which can be turned into financial capital in such a way that gives back to the communities that generate value in the first instance. 

There are many different models for doing business in a way that puts the community first. At YBS Capital, we have a particular focus on Exit to Community strategies. Exit to Community, or E2C, is an exit strategy for businesses and projects that puts them into the ownership of their communities. We believe this provides them with a more sustainable way of achieving long-term success because they’re owned by those who have the biggest psychological as well as financial investment.


E2C is emerging as a popular exit strategy within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. However, over the coming years, we envision that the initial success in these sectors will lead to E2C becoming the exit strategy of choice for many other types of companies and projects.


E2C can be seen as an evolution of mechanisms such as the IPO or SPAC, which are designed to create value for a company’s shareholders. We believe that distributing value to a broader group of stakeholders via tokens can create even more value for a company, and in turn, its token-holding community.


Yonatan Ben Shimon is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for discovering how digital assets can unlock new avenues of wealth creation. He started his career as a securities analyst, but in 2013 he became interested in cryptocurrencies as an emerging asset class and never looked back.


Yonatan has been involved with projects including privacy coin Beam, art marketplace Collectorshub, virtual accelerator Celocamp, and Unipool, a union for Uniswap liquidity providers. Over the years he’s been operating in the cryptocurrency space, he’s come to believe that the most compelling uses for blockchain applications and tokens lie in the value that they can generate for their communities.


In 2020, he decided to launch YBS Capital as a firm dedicated to furthering the idea of community-based business models, with a focus on Exit to Community strategies.


Yonatan is a drop out from Nanotechnology degree in  Bar-Ilan University. He has been recognized as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in his home country of Israel.

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